Winston I. Stewart (Sundiata)
2, Pineapple Place
Haleland  Park


Trinidad and Tobago, W. I.

Tel.: (868) 629 3466


Born: 21 April 1950
Barbados, W.I.

Education  -  BFA (Hons), Reading University, UK
                     BSc.Econ, University of the West Indies, Trinidad

Media : Watercolour, mixed media, oil, hardwoods- mahogany, cedar, samaan

Artist's Statement:
I use the picture making process to express my creative interest. Light and colour along with composition and draughtsmanship are important elements. Nature and natural forms are my main source of inspiration. Subject matter is varied and limitless. The human form, however, dominates.

The use of colour and understanding of "light" is a binding force in my work. Working  with hard woods to practice sculptural forms is a more recent endeavour. Philosophically, I, like most human beings, rely on Nature to be the grounding, the source of most ideas.  Interacting with human beings and objects in this matrix generates a more dynamic reason to create and interpret.


Tête-à-Tête - oil - 48 x 36"

Paramin Blue Devils - Oil - 36 x 30"

Tassa at Hosay - mixed media - 19 x 14.5"

Daydream II - Charcoal - 13 x 9.25"

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