Darrell Seignoret


Darrell is an emerging artist from Trinidad and Tobago.
He attended St George's College, where he began to discover his love for art and after graduating in 1998 he attended  the University of the West Indies at St Augustine, where he did the certificate course in visual arts. 

For the first time in his life he was exposed to a wealth of art techniques and materials alike. Also he was awakened to new modes of thinking as a Caribbean artist as well as self awareness and the artist's role in Society.

By this time he had found his niche, which was painting portraits, something that had always fascinated him ever since he first started drawing. His main medium at that time was Chalk pastels and acrylics. These became the main materials that he would work with for the following years.

After graduating in 2001, he entered into the BA in Visual Arts programme at UWI. Here he was further exposed to different facets of art: Film, Masquerade, Clay, Design as well as experimental painting and his favourite: figure drawing. The figure drawing and experimental painting classes greatly influenced the way he paints today. Artists such as Mark Rothko, Salvador Dali and Mc Escher are just a few of his favourite artists.
Also surrealism is the genre of art that most of his work is based on.


I simply try to stretch my imagination as far as I can for now, however limited it may be but I believe by exercising it, eventually it will get stronger. Flashing back to my U.W.I experience, the figure drawing class, taught by Mr. Edward Bowen, gave me the controlled technical ability I needed for drawing the human figure, so I have branched off from just doing portraits and now I am able to explore the entire beauty of the human figure in my paintings.  The work from my first exhibition “Art In April” in 2006 is a perfect example of this exploration.  I continued this in my work for “The Art of Five”, which was mainly based around figures and their relationship to nature. I used a butterfly theme also but I tried to stay away from the ‘fairy’ look. I mainly used the buckeye butterfly and the owl butterfly and their relative colour schemes. As far as materials I mostly work with Chalk Pastels, Acrylic, Airbrush, and Water colour pencils. I try not to limit myself when it comes to selecting materials so I use whatever resources I have. In some of my work there is the focus on capturing reality, but generally I work with surrealistic themes in mind. So the painting may be drawn out in detail but there will not be as much focus on the figure's physical features as compared to its contours and proportions. Also I tend not to stick to the original colour schemes of the subjects I paint.  Painting the human figure is my passion, and I love putting my figures in surrealistic worlds where we humans would normally never be able to go. The intention there being to tickle the viewers' imagination and hopefully transport them into my world. One in which the human ‘Being’ is celebrated and life is personified by beauty.  It’s only when I am doing commissioned work that I stick to more standard approaches and other times I use the background to capture a certain aspect of the subjects’ personality. Although it may be a very hard struggle as a young artist, I wish to continue to strive for perfection in my field, while creating humble works of art that can be enjoyed not only in the Caribbean but around the world. 

Anima mundi
Anima Mundi 2006
chalk pastel,acrylic on ply board
2.5ft x 4ft

Nature's Embrace
Nature's Embrace 2006
chalk pastel,acrylic on ply board
2.5ft x 4ft
Inertia  2007
acrylic & chalk pastel on canvas board - 20 x 24"


Inertia's Admirer
Inertia's Admirer 2007
acrylic & chalk pastel on canvas board - 24 x 20"

Starting over
Starting Over 2007
acrylic & chalk pastel on canvas board - 30 x 20"


Tsunami Tribute 2004
Tsunami Tribute 2004

2.5ft x 4ft acryllic on stretched canvas


Life in the cocoon
Life in the Cocoon
24" x 36" acryllic & chalk pastel on canvas board

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