Marise Rodriguez née Chin Leung

Contact: mariserodriguez@tstt.net.tt

At this terrific age of 60 years +/- 3 years (smile!), I am enjoying my retirement years painting to my hearts content! I am a self-taught artist and I have been painting consistently each year as an enjoyable, fascinating and relaxing hobby.  My affair with art began at the age of 5 years by my father (also a self-taught artist).  I took art in school at Holy Name Convent using charcoal and poster paints, where I achieved high grades, developing into a lifetime passion. In the late 60’s, my first husband gave me a set of oil paints from thence I have been painting in that medium.  I experimented with oil’s to achieve great textures, intensity and moods, using both brushes and palette knives to create my pieces.

I could not pursue my passion as regularly as I would have liked, balancing a demanding career in International Marketing in the Skin-Care/Personal Care Industry and raising 2 children (boy and girl). Following divorce I became an entrepreneur purchasing a Flower Shop in a popular Mall which I ran for 13 yrs+. I knew little to nothing about floral arranging, took some basic courses and you can say again I taught myself to craft my own style and success in floral arranging. I always loved flowers and this outlet as very fulfilling to allowing me to use my creative side everyday. I also opened a designer boutique, yet another passion for me. I guess you can say I have been very lucky to turn all of my passions into commercial ventures. Some years later, I returned to corporate Brand Marketing, which incorporated my creative talents and then retired finally in 2008 (well 50% of the time). Today I work part-time running the Living Waters Community Hospice. The rest of the time I am practicing Tai-Chi, playing tennis or keeping super active with my three (3) grandchildren.  

In the past I have only succeeded painting 1-2 paintings per year during my vacations. Now that I have some more time and the encouragement of my husband of 23+ years and my daughter, I plan to pursue my passions with gusto and perhaps once again turn my passion for art into a source of enjoyment and maybe income in my “Golden Years”.  I joined the Women in Art Group and had the opportunity  to display approximately 5 paintings at each exhibition over the last 4 years and very fortunate to have sold  a total of 4 paintings during the period of the exhibitions.  The Women in Art Group, especially its President – Mrs. Fraulein Rudder has been extremely encouraging in my development. 

Courses taken:

Figure drawing classes, new oil painting techniques to develop my skills and expose myself to different styles, mediums and subjects.

Exhibited with my fellow artists in WIA Exhibitions in 2007 – 2010.


Choice of medium : Oils on canvas.

My inspiration: Land and Seascapes, flowers, still-life, cultural events, survicing "yesteryear" practices and especially Old Houses with interesting roofs.

My affinity for old houses (especially those with unique and character-rich roof lines) is one that is centered upon capturing a piece of history on canvas. The architecture is symbolic of a past era and culture in my country, featuring a time when people took pride in the beauty of designs, the materials and craftsmanship as seen in houses, which are now disappearing, being replaced by newer modern structures of glass and concrete.   


Misty Ridge Farm House - Santa Cruz
39 x 30"


Archival Point Chaguaramas
14 x 18 


Hosay Drummers
12 x 14"


Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
17 x 25"


Sea Villa Carlos Street, Woodbrook
24 x 18"

View from Sandy Point - Tobago 
16 x 12


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