Jason Nedd

d.o.b. 20.11.1972

contact: jneddminiartgallery@yahoo.com

Jason Nedd

God created human beings, each with their own talents. Some can sing, some can dance and some can paint and draw. All of these are the gifts of Art.

For Jason Nedd Art is a feeling within that must be expressed. He started drawing at an early age. While in his early teenage years, he continued with the desire for drawing at the Roxborough Composite School where the Tobago Art Committee awarded him in recognition of outstanding achievement in Art.

During his teens Jason has been painting on T-shirts and other fabrics. During this time he also experimented painting with  oil paints and fell in love with it. From then on, he has been painting consistently and has been developing in the medium of oil. He has also experimented with acrylic and watercolours.

Jason accomplishes his artistic skills through further reading, studying, experimenting and his natural ability. He has  developed his own distinctive style.

Throughout the  years he has participated in many exhibitions in Trinidad and Tobago, which led to receiving  numerous commissions.

Jason lives in the island of Tobago, where he continues aggressively with a passion for drawing and painting, exhibiting his work at art galleries in Trinidad and Tobago.


Blue rocks
Blue Rocks 2007
17 x 25" Oils

Dancing with sticks 2
Dancing with Sticks II    2007
17 x 25" Oils

Evening Wash
Evening Wash 2007
17 x 25" Oils

Face to Face
Face to Face   2007
25 x 17" Oils


Secret I
Secret I
25 x 17" Oils


The Ballet I
The Ballet  I     2007
25.5 x 33" Oils

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