Douha Aboud

Contact: douhaaboud14@hotmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/douha.aboud.1

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Born in El Kourah, Lebanon, Aboud attended the University of USEK, the Academia de Belli Arte Maserate in Italy and the Defours School of Fashion, allowing her a Diploma in Nudo, Plastica and History of Art Modellage, a Bachelor of fine Arts Degree as well as a Diploma in Costume Design, Garment Construction, Batik and Tie Dye.

In 1974, at a Competition of the "Fabriano De Dessin"  she was awarded  the "First of the Pope".

Her diverse style includes semi-abstract, abstract, still life and figurative.

An artist, painter, fashion designer and art educator, she has exhibited locally as well as in Lebanon and Italy.















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