Douha Aboud

Contact: douhaaboud14@hotmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/douha.aboud.1

Primary subject:
Other subjects: semi-abstract, abstract, still life and figurative


Born in El Kourah, Lebanon, Aboud attended the University of USEK, the Academia de Belli Arte Maserate in Italy and the Defours School of Fashion, allowing her a Diploma in Nudo, Plastica and History of Art Modellage, a Bachelor of fine Arts Degree as well as a Diploma in Costume Design, Garment Construction, Batik and Tie Dye.

In 1974, at a Competition of the "Fabriano De Dessin"  she was awarded  the "First of the Pope".

Her diverse style includes semi-abstract, abstract, still life and figurative.

An artist, painter, fashion designer and art educator, she has exhibited locally as well as in Lebanon and Italy.










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